Research against COVID-19

From May 2020 to April 2021 I was principal investigator of the project “Testing, incentives, information: How to mobilize society’s resources against the pandemic” at CERGE-EI and Charles University, under the TACR GAMA framework. Pavel Kocourek, Theodhor Kouro, Tomáš Lichard, Ludmila Matysková, Daniel Münich, Filip Pertold and Jakub Steiner were at various points been part of the project.

Members of the project have engaged in the Czech public debate throughout the crisis and have on occasion advised policymakers in the Czech Republic and abroad. In October 2020, the Czech online newspaper Seznám Zpravy wrote about our recommendations:

“Jann’s document (from as early as June, it should be noted) was a concise and clear set of policy recommendations for the coming months. When one looks through them today, one cannot even accuse the government of not reading them. Instead, one suspects that they studied them carefully and then, for some reason, did the exact opposite.”

Here are some results from the project (🇨🇿 for texts in Czech, 🇬🇧 for texts in English; * marks project outputs that I have not myself been part of):