Working Papers and Work in Progress:

Why Echo Chambers are Useful
(with Christoph Schottmüller)
Discussed on Stumbling and Mumbling and Marginal Revolution
First version August 2018, last updated September 2023. [Supplementary Material]

Political Debate on Social Media: Theory and Evidence
(with Christoph Schottmüller)
First version October 2023, last updated March 2024.

Connecting the Dots: Markets for Data
(with Christoph Schottmüller)

Is Beauty Contagious? How Higher-Order Uncertainty Can Drive Asset Prices
First version December 2013, last updated February 2018.

Published Papers:

An Equivalence Between Rational Inattention Problems and Complete-Information Conformity Games
(with Pavel Ilinov)
Economics Letters [214] May 2022. [Preprint]

Regime change games with an active defender
(with Christoph Schottmüller)
Games and Economic Behavior [129: 96-113] September 2021. [Preprint]
(Supersedes earlier working paper “How Jeremy Bentham would defend against self-fulfilling attacks”)

Optimal Test Allocation
(with Jeff Ely, Andrea Galeotti and Jakub Steiner)
Journal of Economic Theory [193] April 2021. [Preprint]

An Informational Theory of Privacy
(with Christoph Schottmüller)
Economic Journal [130: 93-124] January 2020. [Preprint] [Supplementary Material]

The Evolution of Social Learning and its Economic Consequences
(with Benjamin Bossan and Peter Hammerstein)
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization [112: 266-288] April 2015.

Correlated Equilibria in homogeneous good Bertrand competition
(with Christoph Schottmüller)
Journal of Mathematical Economics [57: 31-37] March 2015. [Preprint]