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Working Papers:

Why Echo Chambers are Useful
(with Christoph Schottmüller)
Oxford Department of Economics Discussion Paper No. 857
Discussed on Stumbling and Mumbling and Marginal Revolution
First version August 2018, last updated November 2018. [Supplementary Material]

Is Beauty Contagious? How Higher-Order Uncertainty Can Drive Asset Prices
First version December 2013, last updated February 2018.

Why are vulnerable regimes stable? Defending against coordinated attacks through unpredictability
(with Christoph Schottmüller)
First version September 2015, last updated March 2018.
(Former title: “How Jeremy Bentham would defend against self-fulfilling attacks”)


Forthcoming and Published Papers:

An Informational Theory of Privacy
(with Christoph Schottmüller)
First version October 2016, last updated August 2018. [Supplementary Material]
Accepted at Economic Journal

The Evolution of Social Learning and its Economic Consequences
(with Benjamin Bossan and Peter Hammerstein)
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization [112: 266-288]. April 2015.

Correlated Equilibria in homogeneous good Bertrand competition
(with Christoph Schottmüller)
Journal of Mathematical Economics [57: 31-37] March 2015. [Preprint]


Work in Progress:

  • Disclosing Rejections (with Nenad Kos)
  • Self-Fulfilling Market Liquidity
  • How hard should it be to default?