Courses I have taught:

    • Micro 3 – Information Economics (2020-): First-year PhD course (Topics: Adverse selection, strategic communication, principal-agent-models, mechanism design, auctions, information design, social learning)
    • Strategic Thinking: Theory and Practice (2020-): Course in the Masters in Applied Economics Program
  • Oxford:
    • Microeconomics I (2016-2019): Classes in the first year of the MPhil in Economics (Topics: Mathematical Methods, Consumer and Producer Theory, Choice under Uncertainty, Game Theory, Industrial Organization)
    • I also taught tutorials at Oxford colleges (Exeter, St Catherine’s) on a case-by-case basis.
  • Copenhagen:
    • Micro C – Game Theory (2012-2013). Click here to see outline and plan for fall 2013.
    • I supervised bachelor thesis students in English and Danish. Example topics:
      • Bargaining and the 2013 teacher’s lockout: A theoretical investigation
      • Signaling about a firm’s quality through choice of capital structure

Evaluations and Awards:

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